Travel Map

Provides you with the latest road incident and impact information, so that you can plan a safe and efficient road trip.

See current alerts

Find information about incidents, issues or roadworks that may affect travel within your area and across WA.


Incidents or issues on the road affecting access or safety. These include closures or changes due to flooding, crashes, breakdowns, bushfires and alike.

Road closures

Information about road closures due to incidents or major planned roadworks. Road closures are shown as red lines on the map.

Road open with specified conditions

Roads may only be open to certain types of vehicles. Full closure details including the vehicles able to access the road are provided in the alert.

Roads open with caution

Some roads may remain open however caution may be required to ensure the safety of all. For example, this includes fog incidents or minor flooding.

Traffic signal outages

We provide the location of those traffic lights that are blacked out to help you plan a safer trip.


Information is provided for you to safely navigate around an incident or issue on the road.


Information about current or planned roadworks having the potential to cause delays to your trip.


Information about events having the potential to cause road closures or increased congestion in an area.

Rest areas and amenities

The location and details of places to stop during your trip are provided to help ensure a safer journey. Stopping places include parking, toilets and even picnic areas.

Google traffic

Powered by Google, this filter shows congestion across WA roads.


Numbers are displayed in a green cluster on the map, indicating that there are multiple alerts in that location. Simply click on the icon to see more alerts in that area.

Alert list

A text-based list of this information is also provided. Filter by alert type, location or region and set your destination to see issues affecting your route.